Help Animals in Need this Holiday Season

Our friends at are urging us to take time out of the busy holidays to reach out and help animals in need, right in our own community.  Here's how you can help.

The holiday season is a time when we all come together with family and friends. We send greeting cards to those we have not seen for many years and take baked goods to neighbors with whom we rarely interact. Our thoughts transcend the worries and concerns of our everyday lives and focus instead on fellowship and service to others. For many, that fellowship extends to our pets, as well as all the abandoned and sheltered animals in our communities. Here are some of the many ways you can help animals in need over the holidays.

Volunteer Your Labor
Many people take vacation around the holidays leaving animal shelters and rescue facilities understaffed. This is a wonderful time to volunteer your labor to help animals in need.

  • If you are in a position to be on site at the facility, you might be able to help with feeding, exercising or cleaning enclosures. If you have a large vehicle like an SUV or van, you might even be able to assist in the transport of animals.
  • For those who would like to volunteer but whose time is less flexible, you can launder bedding, make fundraising calls or organize adoption events at local businesses.

Volunteer Your Professional Services
Animal shelters are in need of a lot of professional services that they cannot afford to pay for. If you are a professional in any of the following areas, your volunteered services to a shelter may be in great need.

  • Photographer – Shelters often need photographs of their animals for adoption websites and promotional materials.
  • Groomer – Many pets in shelters need more than weekly baths to keep them healthy. Cleaning ears and clipping nails are essential for all breeds, and keeping coats brushed and groomed are essential for some.
  • Webmaster – If you are a webmaster your services would almost certainly be welcomed. You may be able to volunteer your time to maintain a shelter's website or even build a special site for holiday adoption events.

Donate Items or Cash
Shelters are always in need of donations, both of money and essential items.

  • Cash is always welcome and many local shelter websites have links to their donation page. You can also donate to national organizations.
  • Donations of both new and used items are also appreciated. Shelters can always use donated food and treats. Used kennels or crates that you no longer need, old blankets, and washable dog beds are all popular items as well.

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