Still no Iberia Parish CFO

At the Iberia Parish Council meeting Wednesday night, Parish President Errol Romero brought Ricky Verret before the council as his choice for Chief Administrative Officer for the fifth consecutive time and for the fifth consecutive time, the council voted against him. This comes after months of failure to appoint several key positions in the administration and legal disputes between the two branches.

To no one's surprise, the Iberia Parish Council voted against Ricky Verret for Chief Administrative Officer at last night's council meeting. He's been presented by Parish President Romo Romero five times now, and every time the vote is no. The parish government has also yet to decide upon a CFO.

If it wasn't clear before its clear now the history between the Iberia Parish President and the Iberia Parish Council has prevented to appointment of several key positions, but just how long can this government gridlock continue?

Romero says he will have to consult with Ricky Verret before he decides whether or not to present him as the Chief Administrative Officer candidate for the sixth time, while the council remains firm on their position that he is not the right person for the position.

To hear from both sides watch the video above.

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