Abbeville Murder Investigation

Police, neighbors and family gathered around the crime scene Thursday afternoon, waiting for details on the latest Abbeville murder. Family identified the victim as 25-year-old Darrell Broussard. They say he was shot to death inside his mother's home.

“He was a good kid, my youngest brother, he didn't have any problems with anybody and we loved him to death,” said Broussard's sister, Virginia Campbell. “He's my mama's youngest son and I'll miss him too.”

Campbell says her brother's nickname was “Pee-Wee”, since he was the youngest of five. Broussard was taken straight to the funeral home, where his family will mourn his loss over the holidays.

“Justice will be served to find out who did it,” said Campbell. “And why is what we want to know. Who did it?”

And Broussard's death is the seventh homicide this year, the fourth in just over a month.

The spike in crime has city officials ready to discuss exactly what needs to be done to tackle crime in Abbeville. Council member Wayne Landry says he's puzzled by the murders, three which happened in his district, four of which are unsolved.

“(It's happened in) spur moments,” said Landry. “Within the next week, you're expecting somebody to get murdered this is just little Abbeville you know? Not New York City or New Orleans.”

Landry says the city is working with law enforcement to ensure justice is served and residents are safe.

“We brought in FBI, which gave us information to capitalize on as well as Sheriff's Department that is helping out. So, we're going to do something,” said Landry.

-Caroline Balchunas


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