Bell Ringers Raise Funds

The Salvation Army Red Kettle fundraiser came to an end Christmas Eve. Last year, the Salvation Army raised approximately $290,000 in donations. As of Saturday, the count for this year is at $320,000.


Melissa Goudeau of Youngsville is happy about that. “It's the season of giving. It makes you feel better, but you are also helping someone else at the same time.”


Dustin Poche of Lafayette is a second year bell ringer. Poche says the giving window of opportunity was tight, but the not pockets of the people who stepped-up and gave. “We had less time and made better performance out of less time this year.”


The money raised by the red kettles will be used to pay for the Salvation Army's survival through 2013. Without the money the salvation army would have to close a few of its program doors. First time bell ringer Lisa Morgan of Carencro would hate to see that happen. “It's making a difference of everything. Looking at these people and these kids and stuff. It's very good.”


The Salvation Army says already $25,000 was spent to buy Christmas dinners for 500 families who requested help

Rene Allen

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