Open for Christmas

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It's nice when someone else cooks for Christmas. It's even better when they're willing to find that one store that is open. On Christmas everything seems to be closed and especially when dinner is one item short. “We had more family come than anticipated.  My wife sent me to get another turkey and some broccoli and stuff like that; just to finish up some shopping,” explains a local shopper.

Some people are just trying to make Christmas as perfect as can be. A perfect holiday feast has a start and finish, and then for some a snack in between. “I'm getting smacks for in between the big meal. My brand new grandbaby and the family is coming to visit with relatives. So, I got them some snacks. We're looking forward to a Merry Christmas.”

The goal is to find the store and then be patient enough to wait in line. The family is worth it. “The family is going to come in a little bit all day, so we expect to have most of the family drop in sometime today,” said one local shopper.

Rene Allen

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