Youngsville Land Usage

By Rene Allen

Youngsville is taking a closer look at how land is developed in that city. Mayor Wilson Viator and the city council are working to implement a new Land Use Plan.

Mayor Viator says a new business moving next to a residential lot needs to have a buffer zone  – to separate the two. “By having something in place to manage the look of the city.  So we can continue to hopefully develop in the right manner and keep the beauty of the city in place.”

Councilman Ken Ritter says there's a city ordinance that calls for a buffer zone – but it needs to be more flexible. He says a buffer size based on location will work much better. “We have a one size fits all 30 foot buffer requirement. What we're realizing is that one size doesn't necessarily fit all areas of our community. So, we're taking a more comprehensive approach to how we're developing land in our community .”

Jared mooring is a 10 year resident of Youngsville. Mooring is building his first home here. “It's a growing area.  A perfect area for a young person to build.” Mooring realizes that a business could move next door to him.  He says that's not a problem – except for proximity. “Depending how close.  That's all I can say. It just depends how close.”

At the last council meeting – the council talked about mobile home parks. The mayor says he doesn't want to see a bunch of parks with a bunch of small sized homes. “You can have some small lots, but in that development you're going to have to have medium to large lots also.”

Councilman Ritter says the Land Use Plan should be ready for approval within the first quarter of next year.  Engineers are working to draft the plan based on the city's needs.

Video on tonight at 7PM

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