Lafayette Parish Travel Advisory from Sheriff’s Office

This Lafayette Parish Travel Advisory is from Kip Judice, Executive Officer with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office

Many roadways in rural Lafayette Parish have standing water; motorists are urged to travel only as necessary. Please avoid unnecessary travel throughout the day today.  There are increased dangers while traveling on roadways covered in water as depth is very deceptive and often times it is difficult to discern where roadways end and ditches begin.   

In addition there are a few areas where water is rushing over roadways which is a life endangering situation, some of the areas in Lafayette Parish include:

Elias G Road near Breaux Road,

Bourque Road at Coulee Ill Des Cannes

Robley Road at the Lafayette/Vermillion Parish line

In these specific areas tributaries of the Vermillion River have topped the bridge and the flow of water across the roadway is sufficient to push motor vehicles. 

Common sense is urged when traveling.

Where motorist encounter road closed signs they should not try to navigate beyond that point. 

Motorist are reminded that water is threatening to enter homes in subdivisions and the wake from passing cars could push water into the homes, avoid any unnecessary travel where water has topped the roadway especially in subdivisions. 

Barricades are only being used in areas where life safety is a concern so not all impassable roads will have barricades. 

Dangers will increase as dawn sets so evening and late night travel will become more concerning.  It is difficult to see water on roadways in low light conditions and certainly unsafe to travel through standing or rushing waters.  Residents should prepare for reduced travel throughout the parish tonight unless water begins receding many dangers will exist through the night.   

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office have had a few rescue calls for vehicles trapped in high water and unlike the Carencro Flood six months ago this is a parish wide event that has spread assets and resources throughout the parish. 

Local media will be briefed on any major weather incidents or loss of life related to the weather.    



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