Breaux Bridge Storm Recovery

Some Breaux Bridge residents are assessing property damage after an EF 1 tornado left a trail of destruction during Thursday's storm. The National Weather Service confirmed the 50 yards wide tornado twisted through three miles of land in the crawfish capital.

According to public works director Randy Cormier an elderly man was injured when his mobile home flipped but luckily no fatalities. Thirty homes, however, were damaged when the twister tore through their neighborhoods. One of those homes damaged belongs to Ena Cormier.

Ena wasn't home at the time but her kids were. Ena says it was a scary time for her but is thankful no one was hurt and her home is still livable. Ena's neighbor Tina Lewis was home at the time of the tornado and says she was sleeping when she heard a loud noise that sounded like an 18 wheeler coming through her bedroom.

That's when her windows blew out and she ran for cover. Tina says she can deal with hurricanes and knows how to prepare for them but wasn't prepared for a tornado. Tina hopes everyone learns what to do if a tornado should hit their area.

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