Aid for Flooding Victims

Damage assessments are taking place in Acadiana, as flood water begins to recede. Several agencies are offering help during the response phase. 232-HELP/LA-211 has answered hundreds of calls, referring residents to agencies proving services, such as emergency food stamps and housing. The American Red Cross is currently responding to areas, to assess the needs of the public.

Tony Credeur,CEO, said, “We go in and see how many homes were affected, how many homes are not liveable. Basically, we are following the water. As it goes down, we move into those areas.” Credeur and officials with 232-HELP said it will be a little longer before serious clean-up and repair, but this informational stage is just as important.

“It allows us to be able to collect this information, in the event we receive federal assistance,” said Rae Logan, Director of Community Outreach for 232-HELP.

Once the response phase has been completed, the recovery process can begin. Acadiana Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, or VOAD, is a service of over 30 non-profit and non-government agencies that coordinate efforts to provide assistance for long-term recovery.

Chairman, Deacon Ed Boustany explained, “Now that the water have begun to  recede we are going to begin our process of evaluating and accessing the damage and moving into the assistance programs.”

Credeur, Logan and Boustany strongly encourage residents to document their damage and report it as soon as possible to their local parish or city governments.

Hope Ford

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