Kaplan Man Arrested for Selling Illegal Prescription Drugs

Authorities in Vermilion parish arrested a 36 year old Kaplan man for selling prescription pills.

According to Sheriff Mike Couvillon, after receiving information that 36 year old Davis Benoit of Kaplan was selling prescription pills, agents opened an investigation into the matter.

Upon execution of a warrant, agents came into contact with Davis, and conducted a thorough search of the residence. They recovered several pills and other evidence that supported the fact that Davis was indeed distributing illegal narcotics.

Benoit was arrested and charged with possession with the intent to distribute a schedule III drug (Lortab), possession with the intent to distribute a schedule IV drug (clonazepam), and possession of a legend drug without a prescription.

Davis was also booked on other drug charges stemming from previous drug investigations. Total bond was set at $24,000.

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