Bayou Rum from Lacassine Sugar

A new state-of-the art distillery in Lacassine is near completion. Louisiana Spirits LLC is producing a brand of rum made solely from local sugar cane. The company's president, Trey Litel says the rum will be called Bayou Rum – Silver or Spice.

Litel says the distillery is a work in progress at about 98% complete.  “For me it's giving back to Louisiana; celebrating what Louisiana is all about.” The new distillery, warehouse, and visitor center are located off Interstate 10 at exit 48.  Bayou rum will be crafted in stills that were handmade in Kentucky. “This one will allow for you to create a smooth, clear and clean tasting product.”

100% Louisiana sugar cane and molasses will be the two main ingredients. Both quality assurance and bottling will be done on site. “It's a process that gets better every step of the way,” explains Litel.

Litel wants Bayou Rum to be a gateway experience for Louisiana culture.  The visitor center will house memorabilia, artifacts, a tasting room and at times live entertainment.  There's even a viewing room where visitors of the distillery can see the rum being produced.  Litel explains that the factory will require the company to hire about 20 employees.

Litel anticipates that Bayou Rum will be available at the distillery and in stores by early June 2013.  For more information visit

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