Breaux Bridge Looting

In the midst of clean-up efforts in the crawfish capitol, storm victims find themselves the victims of another element; thieves. Looting has become somewhat of an issue in the crawfish capitol after it was hit with not one but two tornadoes.

According to Public Works Director Randy ‘Crip' Cormier, his department has answered a few phone calls from concerned citizens about looters. Cormier says some people are taking scraps of metal and tin from people's yards and most likely selling them for cash. One of those people hit hard from the tornado. Ena Cormier says it's been eight days and she still sees people eyeing her house.

Ena says she has people pass through her street all hours of the day and night looking into her yard. She hopes to put a covering of some kind around the debris scattered throughout her yard. Breaux Bridge police say they have not charged anyone with looting. But to remember that looting is a felony offense in Louisiana and that means you could face fines up to ten thousand dollars, jail time or both.

Rob Mallia

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