LEF Teacher Awards

Four amazing educators; four different schools; one great passion: teaching. The teachers recognized last night at the LEF Teacher Awards all returned to school Friday humbled and greeted with appreciation and love from their students and colleagues.

Melinda Perrodin from Broussard Middle School was honored with the Inspirational teacher award. She says “It meant a great deal to me that someone took time out of their busy day to write a letter for me, it deeply touched me that I am making a difference in my student's lives.”

Terry Richard won the Elementary School Award. He is only two years into the profession at Charles Burke Elementary School, yet he commands the classroom with confidence like a veteran. He says last night, “felt like a warm blanket.” He described the feeling as a “bundle of love, awesomely exciting.”

Jane Vidrine of L.J. Alleman Middle School took home the title of Best Middle School teacher. She teaches guitar and was one of two music teachers to win an award last night.

Holly Grefe Andrus won Best High School teacher. She teaches chorus and describes her students as “the coolest people on Earth and they inspire me to teach.”

Her success in the classroom is not only seen, it is heard and felt all around.

Erin Nicole

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