Grand Coteau Water Quality

The Department of Health and Hospitals says the drinking water in Grand Coteau is perfectly good. Earlier this month, an administrative order was issued to town officials because they reached fifteen violations within five years. Four of the violations were caused by the failure to submit or monitor water samples but the rest were because of necessary equipment repairs. The town supervisor, David Nevills, says the repairs should be complete by the end of next week. Mayor of Grand Coteau, Virginia Pierre, says “At no time would I ever allow the citizens of Grand Coteau to be in harm's way. The water quality is good and never was harmful to the citizens. If and when this would occur our citizens and the town council would be notified.” The Deputy Chief Engineer of the DHH, Caryn Benjamin says based on the water samples tested over the past two months the water in Grand Coteau is perfectly drinkable. The violations that were noted in the report were mostly preventative measures to ensure contamination does not happen. Water samples are tested every month by the DHH. At the next town meeting February 18th, the town supervisor of Grand Coteau is expected to make a statement regarding this issue.


Erin Nicole

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