LUS Rain Barrel Program

An old rainwater catching technique drips new life into saving money. The Lafayette Utilities System and Public Works have teamed up to expand a rain barrel program. The new barrels are in position to be rolled out as soon as orders come in.

Bess Foret of Public Works says a pilot program ran for one year, and it turned out to be a success. The barrels were a bit different from the ones being offered now, but the concept remains the same.

“A large percent of water bills do go to watering their lawn especially during the summer,” said Foret.  “So, when they get the barrel they can save that. They might not have to run the sprinkler as much.”

The new containers work like the old ones; the barrels collect and store rainwater. Once collected, the water can be used for landscaping or other outdoor purposes – and that's free of charge.

Lisa says, “It's really easy. There's not any extra work involved. Put the hose into a rain barrel and utilize it that way. It doesn't have any extra work.”

“It's very optimal for plants because it's naturally soft water void of chlorine,” Lisa Mahoney of LUS tells News 10.  She says this is a water conservation project where both sides win.

The new rain barrels come in a variety of colors. There's a mesh screen attached to the lid to keep out debris and mosquitoes.

“If people have concerns about that there's always the larvicide that can be put in and you can find that at any local home improvement store,” says Mahoney.

“The rain barrels are being offered at a reduced price of $26 per barrel. This offer is limited to the first 300 participants.  Once the quota is met, the barrels will be sold at retail price of $54 per unit.

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