Dedicated Sales Tax Proposal

The decision to call-off the April election stems from a plan to allow Lafayette consolidated time to re-assess taxes residents already pay. “Not only taking a comprehensive look at our whole tax base structure; but looking at innovative ways to find money dedicated to public safety and parks & recreation,” says councilman Brandon Shelvin.

Councilman Shelvin believes a dedicated sales tax will do the job one that's committed not just to parks and recreation but to public safety. “Let me reiterate that not just a sales tax that's going to go into our general fund then whoever is councilman at the time can use the money as they wish.” Voters have said time and time again – no more taxes.  Ray Green is one of those voters, for him a tax is okay if it makes sense.

“Like thousands of people in the city and parish; a fixed limited income. I get rather nervous anytime I hear people talking about increasing taxes and so forth,” says Green. Shelvin says the comprehensive approach takes one step at a time. Nothing will be decided until a discussion is had about what will work and what won't.

 “We can say listen; this is what we think we need to continue to provide the same type of service that you have grown accustom to over the last 10 years to 25 years. We're going to need your support to help pass this” adds Shelvin.

Rene Allen

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