Business Owners Welcome Crowds

Thousands are expected to make it out to the parades this weekend. And that means, people are going to need to stock up on goods to get them through the fun.

It's a good time for business along the parade routes.. A lot of foot traffic means a lot of business coming through their doors. And the special thing for businesses and customers this time of year is the allowance of to-go cups for alcoholic drinks.

As you can imagine, that's what many of the businesses say helps them the most. Despite the barricades blocking a lot of coming and going throughout the week, this is the time where they can play catch up.

And for rouses, they are expecting to sell a whole host of things, especially something people might really need this year.

“We'll sell a lot of alcohol, of course with this weather, a lot of ponchos, umbrellas. Ice chests, ice, snack food, we sell a lot during Mardi Gras” says Christie Guilbeau Grocery Director at Rouses.

A lot of businesses say they lost about half their business this week due to the barricades alone. But on the other hand, they say this weekend, they'll make more than up for it, with so many people on foot.

Caroline Balchunas

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