Youngsville Server Upgrade

System upgrades will be the topic of discussion at Youngsville's city council meeting. The council will vote whether or not they should upgrade their overloaded system which is blamed on their growing population. The demand for the upgrades is vital if they want growth to continue. According to Assistant City Clerk Sally Angers they can't add one more device or personal email into their server, it's that full.

Another problem the city has with the old system is where it's located. Right now the main server, which houses vital and personal documents on everyone in the city, is being stored under a desk in someone's office. Sally Angers said when they upgrade they will let the professional handle it. Meaning the server will not be housed in Town Hall but at a facility capable of upgrading it when needed and handled by professionals. That will also come in useful if there is a natural disaster and town hall was destroyed. The city could still operate because the main server would be located somewhere safe and secure.

The upgrades will be a relief to employees at town hall because as of right now the system is full and slowing down the computers. If approved, the upgrades will be paid from money in their general fund

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