Acadiana Mall Renovations

(Image 1)

Multi-million dollar changes are coming to Acadiana Mall over the next year. One of the first changes you may notice is in their name. As of today the name officially changed from The Mall of Acadiana to Acadiana Mall. It's a name that the Mall opened with back in 1979 and kept up until 2004 when it changed to The Mall of Acadiana.

Other changes include many contemporary design improvements like updated entrances, new decor, upgraded and expanded restrooms, a brand new food court with a completely new design including new tables and chairs, more common areas with soft seating and improvements to the outside including landscaping and paving. This will all take place during the night, keeping the mall from closing during the construction.

Renovations will take place between April and end in November, right before the holiday rush. The name change to Acadiana Mall is effective as of today.

Rob Mallia

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