Downtown Valet Parking Ordinance

The Lafayette Consolidated Council is considering the first ever ordinance applying rules and regulations for valet parking.  It seems that several local businesses in the downtown area have shown an interest in valet services.

Traffic and Transportation Director Tony Tramel tells the council that valet parking has become a normal business practice in urban areas. As Lafayette grows – more and more businesses will start to seek out convenient parking spaces for patrons. “What we attempted to do is to say that we designate this as a loading and unloading area. That is how we attempted to deal with this in an effort to work with those businesses to begin with,” says Tramel.

The ordinance reads that existing businesses with valet operations will be provided a grace period to transition into the program. Tramel says the ordinance is mainly for businesses where sufficient or conveniently located parking is not readily available. “This is an attempt to try to control and regulate that but in a very positive way to ensure that if they are using this it's being used for all intended purposes; meaning that a person pulls up, they then take that vehicle and park it some place off site.”

The ordinance reads that no person shall provide valet parking without a valet parking permit.  Valet parking shall operate only within the time frame of 5pm through 6am. Plus, the term of the permit will be no longer than one year.  The proposed application fee for the valet permit is at $50.  So far, the fee for the actual permit will be $100.

The council is scheduled to vote on the ordinance on Tuesday, March 5.

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