Lake Peigneur Dredge Meeting

Weird and unexplained bubbling water in Lake Peigneur is no new phenomenon.

Most of the time residents just comment about it and brush it off. But the bubbling on Wednesday morning was different.

The bubbling was more active than it's been it quite some time and the entire lake was lined with bubbles.

On Wednesday night residents of Iberia Parish were holding a public hearing for permitting of dredging for natural gas salt dome caverns in Lake Peigneur.

Lakeside residents are worrying that the salt dome storage cavern collapse in Assumption Parish could happen in Lake Peigneur or there could be dying fish and wildlife in Lake Peigneur, which residents were noticing after two already existing salt dome caverns were built in the lake.

There has been no connection made between the salt dome caverns and the bubbles.

But after the megadisaster of 1980, where a swirling vortex caused by oil exploration began wiping out sixty five acres of land and draining all the water from the lake, residents are cautious about drilling in the lake bed.

Daren Robert

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