Amy Breaux Vigil

Gueydan resident Amy Breaux was killed in a hit and run last August while walking back to her car at night from the Gueydan Duck Festival.


A night of memories that Kiley Benoit, one of Breaux's daughter's, continues to replay in her head months later.


“I was actually supposed to leave with them and it's just its scary because I could have been in that accident also then it just bothers me because you can go down a road and hit an animal and you're going to worry about your car how can this person hit two people?” said Benoit.


Police still have no leads on the hit and run driver, which has left Breaux's family and friends even more grief stricken.


On Thursday night, on what have been Breaux's 41st birthday, nearly 50 of her family and friends held a prayer service at the site of her accident and then headed towards Gueydan City Hall.


Both of Breaux's daughters spoke at the candlelight vigil held in front of city hall and implored Breaux's killer to come forward and clear the air.


Breaux's daughter Lacey said she wants “anyone who has any information to come forward and clear their conscience because the only thing is the truth that will set you free.”


Free like the 40 balloons Breaux's family and friends were freeing into the air. Forty not 41, her real age, because her daughter Kiley said in her speech at the vigil that her mom was never a fan of aging.


“I know she's probably not too happy with me right now, because I just told all y'all her age, she was always funny about her birthdays because she didn't want to get old.”




Please, if you have any information regarding the hit and run of Amy Breaux last August call any of the numbers below:


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