Beau Young Band’s Equipment Stolen

The show must go on for the Beau Young Band, even after $20,000 worth of equipment was stolen.    

According to one of the band members, the incident took place early Monday morning off of highway 339 in Abbeville. Someone allegedly cut the lock off the hitch on the single- axle, closed in trailer and drove off with all their electronic equipment. Beau Young, the lead singer, says the band is now left wondering what to do next. Young says the band has gigs booked through April and they are left borrowing people's equipment.

Young says the band is their livelihood and it makes him sick that they are in this kind of situation. The band is planning a fundraiser concert on March 24th at the Red Barn in Abbeville. Multiple bands will be playing, raising money for both charity and for new equipment.

The Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office is still investigating this incident. Anyone with any information is urged to call authorities.

Rob Mallia

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