State Educators Meet in Lafayette


The audience was mostly teachers Thursday night at the Louisiana Association of Educators forum in Lafayette to discuss the current state of education and the state policies and laws that are affecting it.


Policies and laws that the association, which is the state's largest teachers union, says need fixing.


“We believe that there are some flaws and there's some things we can tweak and make a difference,” says Louisiana Association of Educators President Joyce Haynes.


Audience member Rodolfo Espinoza, who teaches social studies at Lafayette High School and has four girls in the public school system, agrees with Haynes. He especially agrees on the topic of stressful teacher evaluations, which nobody at the meeting was openly supporting.


“They've had trouble finding teachers to replace those teachers and my daughter came home yesterday with her teacher leaving because of stress issues and its just sad to see our system go through that,” says Espinoza.


He also says he is troubled that the state politicians responsible for much of the funding cuts, voucher and other legislation being discussed at the meeting were not present.


“None of them showed up to defend the system that they voted for,” says Espinoza.


State Representative of District 51, Joe Harrison was in attendance at the meeting and supports teacher's and their issues with state education policy like teacher evaluations, funding cuts and vouchers.


“We have to tell them and get from them what they feel is the best opportunities to put the criteria together to be successful make them part of the solution and not create them as the problem,” says Harrison.

Daren Robert


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