Missing: Crystal Dupuis Grebinger

It's been over a month since anyone has seen or heard from 32-year-old Crystal Grebinger. Her family says she went missing February 8th while staying at a safe house in Lafayette.  The Lafayette Police Department is investigating the case.  News 10's Caroline Balchunas sat down with family members Friday about their efforts to find her.



Crystal Dupuis Grebinger Search

The Lafayette Police Department is investigating the disappearance of a Lafayette woman.  32-year-old Crystal Dupuis Grebinger was last seen early February, leaving the safe house where she was staying.

It's the picture of their child, no mother wants to see. But missing fliers are the only way Tammy Savoy knows how to spread the word of her missing daughter. Grebinger was reported missing February 8th and since then, there have been no phone calls, no nothing.

“I knew something is wrong,” said Savoy. “People can cry wolf all the time. (But) this is happening. Something happened to my daughter.”

Grebinger was staying at a Lafayette safe house, while going through a divorce from her husband. Grebinger's sister, Candy Dupuis, says Crystal, as a mother of four, was trying to get her family back on track.

“Her kids meant the world to her,” said Dupuis. “That was her everything, you know?”

The family says her marriage was rocky and violent.  And they fear her husband had something to do with her disappearance.

“He always told her, and the divorce would be final this month, that is she left him, he'd kill her,” said Dupuis.

But at this point, police have named no suspects in her disappearance. And it's the not knowing that's the hardest on the family.

“It's a bad feeling, right here[stomach],” said Savoy. “It's just killing me. I can't think. I can't sleep, I can't eat.”    

If you have any information about Crystal Dupuis Grebinger's whereabouts, you're urged to call the Lafayette Police Department at 337-291-8600.

Caroline Balchunas

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