Meme Fascination

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You see them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos and pictures with funny and sarcastic sayings.

In just a matter of days they can go viral and becoming a common catch phrase or joke shared by millions. Now, some companies are using them to advertise.

Viral videos and pictures that express a funny, sarcastic or even insulting idea are called memes. They come in many forms, from the Harlem Shake to grumpy cat. You can generate them using apps, and there is even a website that documents each memes origin. The question why can we not get enough of them?

Memes involve social interaction, pop culture references, or situations people often find themselves in. And now, companies are using memes for advertising. These virtually free and often easily recognizable sources offer companies a great way to generate buzz for their product or service

News 10's Hope Ford explains the phenomenon of the internet meme in this special report.

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