Lafayette Reactions to the Pope

Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina or Pope Francis the first pope from the America's and the first Jesuit pope ever.


His electors chose him quickly. He garnered the two thirds of cardinal votes he needed to win in just a day.


Lafayette Bishop Michael Jarrell says although Bergoglio was not a front runner this election, he is confident with his 77 votes he garnered, he's definitely the man for the job.


Bergoglio was famous in South America for his charity work, which is why his name is Francis. St. Francis of Assisi was a servant to the poor and destitute.


Father Bryce Sibley, who performs services at the catholic church and center at UL – Lafayette says the PONTIF's international Latin ties will probably be the biggest difference from pope benedict. Those who are expecting radical changes like woman priests or priests getting married will probably be disappointed.




Daren Robert

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