Police Patrol Truman Neighborhood

In just three months, two shootings took place on Hilda Street in Lafayette. The first shooting took place in January, resulting in the death of a twenty two year old.  The second shooting happened last week resulting in the death of a 17 year old. Police say there is no connection between the two and two suspects have been taken into custody.

But, many people are reacting to the growing violence. Corporal Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department says the specifics surrounding each case are still be investigated but is doing everything in his power to prevent it from happening again.

“It is very unusual for two shooting to happen on same street anywhere in the city. We are stepping up patrols in the area. We have set up our armadillo truck in that area which takes not only sound for us but video as well.”

But, residents who live in the Truman area say while an increase police presence is good it's not the answer to their problems. These shootings not only have police and residents reacting, but Councilman Brandon Shelvin is speaking out as well.

“There's some type of change that needs to happen. Something needs to be done in this community and I will support that change”.

But until then, make shift memorials remain as a reminder of the times we live in and the increase in violence that surrounds us. This Saturday a “stop the violence,” rally will be held at 2:00 P.M. At the MLK Center on Cora Street, a street over from where the shootings occurred.

Rob Mallia

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