Broussard Drops Lawsuit

The Mayor of Broussard announced Thursday that he is withdrawing the city of Broussard's lawsuit against the city of Lafayette regarding the annexation of Vieux Chenes Golf Course and the Ambassador Caffery property leading to the golf course.

In a written statement, Mayor Charles Langlinais said they “Objected to the annexation only because we felt that inclusion of any portion of the Ambassador Caffery Roadbed was both unnecessary and unreasonable. Nevertheless, we will end our opposition to that annexation as a sign of good faith in the hope that Lafayette will respond in kind.”

Broussard Spokesman Amy Jones says “I know that Mayor Parish President has said that if the city of Broussard would be willing to withdraw the annexation lawsuit having to deal with the golf course then he would be willing to go to mediation on all the remaining issues between the two, so we're hoping this is the impetus that will do just that.”

Lafayette Parish President Joey Durel has not yet released a statement regarding the withdrawal of the lawsuit.

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