St. Landry Parish School Board Update


Former Interim Superintendent Donnie Perron is now the interim District 6 seat on the St. Landry School Board after the passing of Ronald Carriere earlier this month.


He won the seat over Bambi Polotzola, who works with the Louisiana Development Disabilities Council.


Perron says finding a permanent superintendent is his top priority, since the parish has been without one since 2011.


The 5-4 vote for Perron came after two tie votes from the council. But the council did unanimously agree on teacher salaries for next year and the new plan for Creswell Elementary.


Creswell Elementary will be a virtual school and the almost 200 Creswell students will be attending Park Vista Elementary next year. Council President Harry Fruge says accommodations will be made to handle the Creswell influx.


“They'll be adjusting the cafeteria, bring two feeding lines, they're planning on adding an administrator and they're also planning on putting a counselor,” says Fruge.

          Darren Roberts

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