Bayou Teche may get new distinction

The Bayou Teche is sometimes called the Jewel of Acadiana, as it is one of the most historical and scenic water ways in Louisiana. Now the state wants to preserve that beauty and culture by giving it a very exclusive distinction.

Tuesday night in Arnaudville people from Acadiana who have a stake and interest in the Bayou Teche were voicing their opinion about changing the status of it to a historic and scenic waterway in Louisiana.

“This is the most important part of our study is to find out whether or not the people want us to help them do this,” said Keith Cascio.

Blake Couvillion is the director of Cajuns for Bayou Teche, an organization that goes out and cleans anything from garbage to blockage that impedes flow in it.

“Would benefit the bayou's health, water quality and aesthetic value.” said Couvillion.

This was the third and final public input session, two others were held further down the Teche, one in St. Mary Parish, the other in Iberia.

Keith Cascio, with wild life and fisheries is the director of the program and says the further south the Teche the more opposition he heard. “The thought is, is that it would impede commerce..or affect commerce.” said Cascio.

There were concerns and questions in Arnaudville, however an overwhelming majority seemed to be in favor. If the southern portion of those who use the Teche are not for it legislators can leave a section out or only make a portion of the bayou to be regulated.

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