LCG President Talks Annexation

Lafayette Consolidated President Joey Durel tells the city-parish council Tuesday that it's official.  Durel says Broussard has withdrawn the Vieux Chenes Golf Course lawsuit.  Durel says he's ready to get back to the business of annexing Ambassador Caffery.


“They offered to give up on something.  It was driven by the fact that we had a very good and legal annexation.” Durel says Lafayette is willing to continue to help Broussard, but there's still the Plantation Oaks Subdivision lawsuit.  Durel says Lafayette is being sued by Broussard for that.


“If you went into an automobile dealership to buy an unusual car that they got once in a lifetime and as you were buying it somebody says that they wanted to buy that car and then they sue you,” explains Durel.


Durel says the offer to restore any discontinued services to Broussard remains as is.  He says both lawsuits have to go – not just one. “These lawsuits are not inside the city.  We did no harm to the city of Broussard. They didn't return the call.  They didn't respond to that counter offer.”


Considering the smoke is clear -Durel tells the consolidated council that he's ready to finish the annexation of Ambassador by annexing all the property owners; but there's a problem.  Durel explains that Broussard wants a piece of land.  Durel says he plans to call Mayor Langlinais to discuss it. “What they're wanting is not possible for them to get, because what they want is on one side of Ambassador Caffery and you can't legally cross a road to annex. You have to be contiguous.”

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