Marriage Equality Supporters Gather at Lafayette Courthouse

Wednesday marked the second day of hearings inside the Supreme Court over the question of gay marriage.


Here in Acadiana, those who support the idea gathered in downtown Lafayette in front of the federal courthouse. The event was not only a show of support, but informational, and it all came full circle with a surprise marriage proposal.


“Please say that you will spend forever with me,” said Tasa Woods down on two knees, “Will you marry me?”


Only a marriage proposal could complete a night of support for marriage equality.

Tasa Woods proposed to her longtime partner Jennifer Vallejo Wednesday night, in front of dozens.


“I had no idea,” said Vallejo, “but I knew she wanted to marry me, and I can't wait until we can legally do it.”


The candlelight vigil brought together all who support marriage equality. It was put on by the Acadiana Outspoken Alliance, created by Buffalo native Amanda Kelley.


“It really is a beautiful culture down here. People are very open and kind, and accepting. It's really wonderful,” says Kelley.


The night was kicked off with a prayer delivered by Reverend Keith Mozingo from the Metropolitan Community Church in Baton Rouge.


“A day where we can see peace of not having wake up, and do battle to be recognized as human beings under law,” prayed Mozingo.


But the night wasn't just about support. Vallejo spoke on the over 1,000 rights besides a legal marriage, members of the LGBT community do not have compared to heterosexual unions.


“Even people in the gay community don't know that they're really not just fighting for a piece of paper, there are 1,138 rights. That's what we're fighting for,” explains Vallejo.


The Acadiana Outspoken Alliance hosts two events per month. If you would like more information you can find them on Facebook.

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