Traveling With Cats: A Guide for Weekend Getaways


If you can't imagine going on a weekend getaway without your furry companion, don't. Traveling with cats isn't as difficult as you might expect. Take it from me. The hubby and I took our pets on our week-long honeymoon. We loved it, and so did the pets.

Prep for Travel

Before packing your suitcase and putting the mail delivery on hold, make a packing list for your pets. Just like humans, they have daily items that must be included in the luggage. Don't forget medications, a portable litter box, litter, food, special treats, grooming tools, and comfort items such as a favorite blanket or bed.

If you haven't already trained your cat to wear a harness and leash, start practicing now. You'll feel much more at ease walking your cat around on a tether during your travels. You never know when an unfamiliar sound or animal will startle your pet and make him want to run for cover.

Before traveling, get your pet used to being away from the house. Practice using a pet carrier, riding in the car, or being near the sounds of a train station. Your cat will likely be fearful or hesitant at first. But, once he realizes you're always within sight, he will slowly adjust to the travel environment.

During the travel prep, make sure the lodging at your destination allows pets. Call and ask if cats are permitted. Just because a hotel website says pets are allowed doesn't mean all types of pets are included. Some hotels require pet-toting guests to stay in certain rooms, supply a crate to contain the pet while the staff cleans the room, or pay a security deposit in the event of damage to the room.

All About Comfort

OK, it's finally time to take off. Before locking the door and leaving, stay calm. Your cat can sense stress or frustration. If you stay calm, your pet will likely behave better. Make the travel experience as comfortable as possible. While your cat is in the cat carrier, make sure he has familiar toys, a pillow, or a blanket.

Traveling with cats does take patience and practice, but once the animal realizes the experience is a positive chance to bond with his human caretaker, he will love the experience!

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