Local Businesses Cash In on Good Friday

Good Friday is one of the biggest days of the year for crawfish sales.  And all around Acadiana, places were selling out, stocking up, and cashing in on the high demand. Cold weather and flooding are to blame for low supply this year.


What's usually a bustling drive through at the Crawfish Hole was no man's land Friday before noon. Thanks to high demand for the Lenten seafood staple, the hole sold out.


But it was a different story over at Clawdaddy's off Ambassador Caffery.  Manager Roberta Hollie says an early morning delivery kept their supply going.


“The coolers are packed. We had it packed this morning, unloaded all that crawfish,” said Hollie. “We had another truck a while ago and it's packed again, so it's soon to be empty again.”


Because of the high demand and low supply, it was a good opportunity for businesses to cash in. And prices were definitely a lot higher than normal. What's usually $1.50 per pound was anything but that low this week.


Crawfish hole was selling for $5 per pound, but that did not deter people from their Good Friday tradition.

But bigger businesses were able to keep their prices a bit lower from $2.50 per pound to $3.69. 


“We've stayed competitive,” said Hollie. “Actually, our crawfish is at $2.59 per pound, so we've definitely had the business.”


Hollie says customers packed the parking lot right way before they even opened their doors. And a waiting list has kept them on top of their game.


“The phone has not stopped ringing. So, between trying to take orders and wait on customers that are already coming in with orders they're looking for, it's been one crazy week,' said Hollie.


So for crawfish sellers around Acadiana, it's shaped up to be one Good Friday, indeed.


-Caroline Balchunas

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