Laotian New Year’s Festival

In its 28th year the Laotian New Year's festival in Broussard is bringing together hundreds of members living near the local Laotian temple.


“Approximately about 800 in the region and 200 within this small neighborhood,” said Laotian community member Phanat Xanamane.


Laotians, Laos as Xanamane says is their native name, are selling authentic Lao cuisines, beverages, clothes and more throughout the festival this weekend drawing thousands of Laos and non-Laos from around the South.


Laotian community member, Ning Malathong, is from New Iberia and says he was competing against Ka-Taw players at the festival from Texas and as far away as Alabama.


Ka-Taw, which drew the biggest crowd at the festival, is a mix between soccer and badminton with volleyball rules. You can only use your feet and head, which makes it fast paced.


New Iberia resident Becky Collins says she wasn't even playing and was worn out.


“That soccer volleyball, I'm sure that's not the name of it, I love watching that and I think already have a crick in my back just from watching,” said Collins.


Ka-Taw may have been a big deal, but Xanamane says Saturday's water fight is the main event of the entire festival. Participants will wash away the bad karma from the previous year, but Xanamane says the warm weather in itself is the good karma.


The water fight will begin around 11 a.m. Saturday morning at the Wat Thammarattanaram Temple in Broussard on Champa Avenue.

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