School Board Grief

The Lafayette Parish School Board nearly broke a record by holding one of the longest meetings in the recent memory Wednesday.

Board member Tehmi Chassion says the school board meeting was like no other.  The meeting was long and extended past 12 midnight.  “I had to wait an exceptionally long time for public comments so that I can get my point across as to some of the things that have been going on.”

Tensions increased as Chassion reported that he's had his car tires flattened. Plus, he says people are requesting information about his personal life, how many children he has and his level of education. “People are going to those extenuating circumstances to try to discredit me and make me look crazy; when all I've been doing is calm and intelligently addressing issues.”

Mark Cockerham is one the board members who voted not to reprimand the superintendent for hiring someone without the required high school diploma.

Cockerham says the meeting has left him practically speechless. “I'm speechless. I never seen anybody treated so bad; as far as Dr. Cooper.  We brought him in.  We wanted him to do his job. It's been a tough year on everybody all the board members.  This definitely is the worst year.  We could have tried to implement some change in the district.  The board members are cracking.” 

Cockerham explains that the public is in its right mind to take action. “The public is not going to try to look and try to weed through who is on what side. I think we should all not be re-elected that's what I think,” Cockerham.

Meanwhile, the superintendent tells KLFY News 10 that there is no longer an issue; and that he wants to move back to the focus of children and education.

Rene Allen

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