Scott Boudin Festival

It was the first ever boudin festival in Scott, which drew in more than 20,000 people to partake in the Acadian delicacy.

Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison was saying towards the end of the three day festival that the attendance for the event was surpassing even his high expectations.

“We had over 5,000 Friday night and over 10,000 Saturday night and I didn't get the numbers Friday, but I think we did over 6,000,” said Morrison.

Morrison says the town would have put on the festival earlier, but they just got recognition as the “boudin capital of the world” last year from state legislators. The festival he says is proof behind their title.

“Perfect opportunity to come out with a festival—it was a perfect combination—and that's why we did it. Some people said this place would be a little too small, but we had to prove why we wanted the ‘boudin capital of the world,'” said Morrison.

The promise of boudin brought in the crowds and competitive eaters who were given five pounds of links to swallow in three minutes, but the rides, sweets and cracklin were among other attractions at the festival complimenting the boudin.

“I love the music. The music and the boudin pretty good. Good for the atmosphere and the people pretty good,” said Lafayette resident Carlos Landor.  


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