Council to Consider New Land Use Ordinance

The city of Youngsville has a new land use ordinance ready for the council's approval. The final vote is scheduled to take place at Thursday's city council meeting. If approved, new developments headed for Youngsville will be required to meet the newly adopted standard.

Mayor Wilson Viator anticipates the proposed land use ordinance will get the council's approval. “It's very important to get it done. It really protects your homeowners and commercial people.”

The ordinance puts into place separation regulations, buffer zones, green space and fencing requirements. Mayor Viator says the ordinance incorporates all the protections needed to ensure developed property is not encroaching on other properties. “How big is a buffer zone? How big is a green space? Whether or not you're going to need a fence.  So, it does all these things up front.”

Councilmen Ken Ritter has been active in seeing the ordinance come about. Ritter wants to see residential living space protected; especially with new businesses coming to town. “No one wants development that's going to negatively impact their property values in their backyard.”

Ritter says the rate at which Youngsville has been growing, the city can't afford to sit back and watch what happens. “We can no longer be just reactive to new development and to the growth we're experiencing.  We go to look forward.  We got to look down the road.”

Ritter says if approved the ordinance goes into effect after being signed by the mayor.

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