Multiple Arrests in Crowley Altercation

Three Crowley residents were arrested following a large disturbance in the Westwood housing subdivision in Crowley Wednesday afternoon.

Crowley Chief of Police, K.P. Gibson, says two residents were charged with disturbing the peace by fighting and one resident was charged with battery of a police officer after backup police came to the scene attempting to disburse the 100 plus person crowd.

According to 12-year-old Jirus Wilson of the Westwood subdivision, his 14-year-old sister Shakila Wilson and a group of girls were engaging in a fight when Crowley Police came to break it up.

“My sister and them were fighting. I tried to break it up and a cop came grabbed my sister by the neck and choked her and she couldn't breathe and slammed her on the ground. She's at the hospital right now,” said Wilson.

That's when neighbors came out of their house to witness the raucous, adding to the crowd and calling for more police presence.

“The cops was handling my sister and everybody came outside to have it on video, so they had proof,” said Wilson. He says he was trying to help his sister when police temporarily put him in handcuffs.

“I tried to stop them that's when they grabbed me and slammed me against the car and put me in handcuffs and he (the police officer) tried to throw me in the car and my brother came and talked to him and stuff,” said Wilson.

Chief Gibson says as of Wednesday night there have been no complaints made against officers responding to the situation in the Westwood subdivision.

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