Tips for Avoiding Contractor Fraud

Whether you're in need of home repairs, updates, or installations, you can never be too careful who you choose to do the work.

It's an unfortunate reality, but time and time again, home repairs are left unfinished or improperly done by a seemingly legit contractor. Sometimes it's easy to spot a scam, but not always. Scott Smith, who runs an air-conditioning company in Ville Platte says more and more, he's correcting someone else's mistakes. 

“We do see contractors who take the money and run, but a lot of times you don't see damage until it's too late,” said Smith.

And Smith says a lot of bad work happens when people try to cut corners.  He urges customers to be wary of the lowest bidder because there could be a reason why.

“It could be several thousand dollars cheaper, but at the same time, it could cost you thousands of dollars to have the work corrected after the fact,” said Smith.

Smith says the best bet is to make sure they're licensed in their trade.

“Is the contractor licensed? Because if you ask them, they'll tell you they're licensed. So, get a copy of their license, get a copy of their insurance,” said Smith.

Licensed and permitted work offers the customer a layer of legal protection, should anything go wrong. By law, a contractor must have a license to perform any work over $1500.

To check if a contractor is licensed go to: click here or check out the Better Business Bureau for more information.

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