Lafayette school official accused of racial remark

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The Assistant Superintendent of Lafayette Parish Schools is being accused of abusive and unprofessional behavior during an employee conference. In addition to the use of profanities, one employee says Sandra Billeaudeau even used a racial slur; to the shock of everyone listening.

The school system worker claiming the abusive behavior wishes to remain anonymous. “Nobody says that today. In today's world you don't say words like that. Especially in a meeting,” says the anonymous employee.

The employee says it was an insult to anyone who heard it – and to anyone learning about it. “That's totally disrespectful to people with craftsmanship. We have licenses.  We go to seminars for our craft. She didn't speak nothing about our craft.  Not at all.”

In a statement, Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper says “I certainly don't condone the use of profanity by staff, but when it comes to playing hardball on behalf of our children and taxpayers, we will not sacrifice effectiveness for politeness.”   

Cooper says the phone conversation in question took place in November and that it was a Human Resources internal matter. Cooper adds that he was made aware of the recording in February.

A spokesperson for the school system says the statement released by Dr. Cooper speaks for Billeaudeau and the school administration. Dr. Cooper says the recording represents a small portion of a roughly 45 minute meeting.

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