INNOV8 festival begins Friday

It's a festival unlike any other and it's happening here in Lafayette starting Friday.

INNOV8 Lafayette is in its second run after a very successful showcase last year. It's an event where creative thinkers, innovators, and technology collide. And it lives up to its name. For eight days, attendees will check out innovative technology, creative projects, and interactive displays. And in rooms like the “flex space,” virtual reality comes to life.

“It's a full interactive video game, which is really exciting for those who like video games because you don't typically get a full experience in 3D,” said Erin Ryan, the communications director of the LITE Center.

A censored 3D glass makes the game more interactive and it's a full sensory experience with surround sound. INNOV8 is an educational festival of sorts. This year, stepping inside that egg-shaped dome will be like no other.

The egg at the LITE Center encases the Total Immersion Space. And this year, people will get a chance to travel through our solar system. Besides being an astronaut, this is the closest thing to a real life experience in space.

Forget textbooks and Styrofoam solar systems, flying through space is the INNOV8 way of learning.

“You can fly through Saturn; you can stand on the wings of Saturn. You can fly through the Milky Way or land on top of Earth,” said Ryan.

And outside, anyone can test their robotic skills.

“We're going to have a swimming pool set up where students can come out and join and drive robots,” said Ryan. “They'll have obstacles where they have to pick up rings and stuff like that.”

And while this is just a glimpse into what INNOV8 has to offer, it's also just the beginning of what Lafayette has in store.

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