Brewing Issues: Elbert Guillory

Week two of the 2013 Legislative Session has wrapped and lawmakers are reflecting on the issues their faced with. This past week gun control was the heated topic at hand. A house panel advanced a piece of legislation that would prohibit the enforcement of any federal restrictions on certain firearms in the state of Louisiana.

State Senator Elbert Guillory says many lawmakers ,including himself, think taking gun rights away from law abiding citizens is not the answer to our problems.

“If you want to talk about mental health then let's do that, if you want to keep guns out of hands of criminals lets work to do that but to take guns out of law abiding citizens, not here. “

Our series “Brewing Issues” runs weekdays on Passe Partout between 6:00 and 7:00:AM Where  elected officials discuss the  issues facing our state.   

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