Carencro High teacher suspended after speaking out

Jamal Taylor, a Carencro High Teacher since December says that he attended a school board meeting two weeks ago. Taylor says he got up and spoke and now he's been suspended with pay.

Taylor says in letter from central office the termination of his job is being considered. The reasons cited include: insubordination, poor performance and neglect of duty.

“Teachers are afraid to speak. The lady who spoke last night said this may cast me my mob. The idea that's circulating in the school system right now is that you can talk as long as your on message with us otherwise your against kids. Otherwise, you're not on message with us and so you are not part of the plan to make it better for kids” explains Taylor.

Carencro High School Principal Ken Roebuck refused to comment on personnel matters, but was willing to talk about the tough decisions of his job.

“When you called the is afternoon. I told you that I'm not going to discuss personnel issues because they have a right to privacy as well,” says Roebuck.

Roebuck says no decision is made lightly. As the manager of a school there are federal, state and school board policies he must follow. “It's made over time, not out of hostility or animosity. there's a process.”

Roebuck makes it clear that the door to his office is open for a reason, but keep in mind that sometimes the decisions that are made are not agreeable – but are aimed at getting the job done. “So, when a kid walks in the door here as a 9th grader they walk out as 12th graders they're prepared as much as possible to be successful.”

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