Today’s Top Pet Pics

PET PIC #1;  Theola Jackson sent us this cute picture of two very special members of her family, both in diapers!


PET PIC #2:  This is Sandra Castille's cat, Missy, who was adopted by the Castille family when she was only 6 weeks old and weighed only 8 ounces.  Now, she's healthy, happy and a ripe old age 13.


PET PIC #3:  These are Lou Guidry's four Pugs, left to right from top of photo:  Malley Moo, Minnie Lulu and Mulan, all girls, with the only boy, Mr. Mugs, at the bottom.  Lou says all four pile up like this in their toy box at least once a day at nap time.


PET PIC #4:  Carolyn DeVeaux of Crowley sent us this picture of her cat Sabbie, all curled up and sound asleep.  Carolyn says after his nap, Sabbie likes to go outside and capture critters like snakes and lizards then bring them to Carolyn as a present! 


PET PIC #5:  This 3 year old Rottweiller Ohso belongs to Angel Kidder and her family.  Angel says 2 year old Amalie seems to be telling Ohso an interesting story. 

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