Liquid accelerant involved in Wood’s murder

In the second day of the Daniel Harmon murder trial witness testimony revealed there was a liquid accelerant around Christine Wood's body the night she died.

According to Lafayette Fire Chief Robert Benoit's testimony Wednesday afternoon, Wood's naked body was found face down on the floor near her bed with a trail of oil around her bed and leading up to her body which had towels on top of it.

Wood's body was found in July of 1989 after police say she had been murdered in her second floor apartment, which later caught fire.

During Wednesday's testimony, Chief Benoit also identified Wood's mattress and box spring as the point of origin for the fire in her apartment.

Benoit says Wood was found clutching an unidentifiable object.

A maintenance worker in Wood's building testified saying there was smoke as he entered woods apartment that night. The maintenance man might have unwittingly fueled the fire when he opened a window in an attempt to clear out that smoke.

Additional testimony from former Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Detective Sherry Fiester, who was on the case, provided evidence wood was shot three times in the head: in her right cheek, near her right ear and behind her right ear. There was also a ligature around her neck.   

Fiester also says there were fingerprints found around the apartment and on the victim's car.



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