Lost Bayou Ramblers, Keith Frank kick off Festival International

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The 27th annual Festival International de Louisiane got off to a great start Wednesday night.

Two local bands kicked off the five day global music extravaganza in downtown Lafayette. Lost Bayou Ramblers got the crowd's feet moving to start up the festival, followed by Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band. It's an event some people look forward to year round.

“Once I discovered it, I knew that I would never stop coming. That I would come forever, and we have perfect attendance. We come everyday,” says Kay Couvillion.

The five day festival brings in bands and people from all over the world to downtown Lafayette. Kathy Barrett came down from Colorado. It's her first time attending.

“A friend of ours had come too, and she told us we had to come to it, and we needed to meet her and she didn't come,” explains Barrett. “We came anyway.”

And with the world in Lafayette's backyard, locals who want to show them a good time, volunteer, to spread that famous southern hospitality.

“Good music, good food, good people and so many different cultures coming together just having a good time,” says volunteer Stephanie Collins, “That's what we're all about, right.”

Dianna Chizer is from Lafayette, but this is only her second time coming to Festival International. She fell in love last year and says she'll never miss it again.

“Music, the people, the food. Just the fun atmosphere it was really fun last year,” says Chizer.

Festival International gets into full gear Thursday night with the official opening ceremony.

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