Tharold Simon arrested on Thursday

Eyewitness Sports learned early Friday Morning that Former LSU cornerback Tharold Simon got  arrested Thursday night after allegedly intimidating a Eunice Police officer who asked him to move his vehicle.  This according to Eunice Police Chief Ronald Dies.

Dies says Simon moved his vehicle, which was blocking Beulah Street, but blared his music loudly.

When the officer attempted to ticket Simon, the football player “basically told (officer), ‘I'm a star.' and if he was writing a ticket, that he could get it fixed and get (officer's) job.” When the officer attempted to arrest Simon, Simon refused to put his hands behind his back, Dies said.

Dies said Simon was arrested on counts of obstruction of roadway, public intimidation, resisting an officer and a noise violation.

Today, was supposed to be Tharold Simon Day in Eunice, in honor of the fact Simon was expected to be picked in this year's NFL Draft.   Simon played three seasons at LSU, and decided to leave school early in anticipation of playing in the NFL.

Simon, was a two year starter, with 15 starts in 3 years.  For his career he had 99 tackles and 7 interceptions.




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