LPSS teacher survey questioned

Right at the top Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper made it known that Lafayette High School was left in a bind. A large number of teachers from that school went to the rally in Baton Rouge last week.

Cooper's complaint is not with the teachers, but with Louisiana Association of Educators. “For the student sake and the teachers left behind is that you organize this in a way that leaves no one school ill equipped,” says Cooper.

Dr. Cooper also talked about the DiscIpline Survey board member Greg Awbrey introduced. Awbrey wants to distribute this survey to teachers to gauge their classroom situation. Cooper had questions on how it will be administered and calculated. Plus, the return address is to Awbrey.

Cooper says it needs to be done professionally to rule out faulty results. The questions he says appear negative toward principals. “I think this survey just throws egg right in their face,” adds Cooper.

Awbrey offered to take questions from the board to add to the survey. He explained that his reason for the return address is to soothe any fears teachers may have of participating in the survey. “So, I wanted to have an outside email and a path for the survey to be calculated completely outside channels.”

Another topic of discussion involved professional development. Some principals stepped up to say that they want more development time. The principal of Live Oak Elementary and Comeaux High.

“At time in the state with state and district initiatives that we need the time with our teachers,” explains principal Stacy Danos. “We need staff development. We got a lot of changes coming,” adds principal Joe Craig.

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